1 in 10 girls in Africa miss class or drop out of school when they hit puberty, at 10-12 years old. Why: lack of private facilities, education and teasing GDP increases by .03% for every year a girl goes to school

The World Bank plans to implement a project in Cameroon to increase attendance among girls through the construction of sanitation facilities with private sinks and women’s health education. Will this increase the number of girls in schools?

An SMS-based solution for class representatives to report attendance by gender. Allowing the World Bank to track if their project has an impact on girls’ attendance.

SchoolTrack is a simple tool for tracking daily attendance SMS texts from known phone numbers. An adminstrator would enter each number, location, and school name into a table, after that, the rest of SchoolTrack works automatically. Allowing administrators to track attendance rates over time.

Born out of the NYC's Sanitation Hackathon, SchoolTrack is a program designed to track the number of students by gender at schools. The World Bank requested this application to determine if providing sanitation facilities and menstruation education at schools improves the attendance of girls.

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